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Over the years, both Paul and Richard have built up a good understanding of the motor trade by helping friends and family with their decision making, but also through a significant interest in the industry.

Paul Vaughan

paul vaughanI’ve had a passion for cars ever since I passed my driving test in 2001.  It all began with my first car, a 1988 MG Metro.  It broke down, a lot, so I began reading up on how to fix things.  Broken alternators, water in the electrics, snapped cables, I fixed them all and so started my passion for all things motoring.  As I grew older I changed my cars regularly, spending hours meticulously researching each model and then hunting through the papers and online to find the best deal.  I have worked in the motor trade buying and selling cars and also within the finance industry, so have a good insight on how the motor industry works.  I met Richard whilst working in finance, a petrolhead like myself we would always be discussing the latest road-test or what cars we had been looking at that week. 

As my knowledge grew I found friends, relatives and even work colleges coming to me for advice on their cars issues or what car they should buy next. It’s a boggling world out there with different car finance options and a lot of people just walk into their local dealer and get sold whatever is on the forecourt. That is when we came up with the idea of My Car Friend. Our idea was simply about making the buying experience as easy as possible by providing all of the important information the buyer needed in a format that was not only understandable but was impartial. We knew we could save people money whilst helping them get a car that best suits their needs.

Richard Townsend

richard townsendCars to me have always been more than a means of transport, they are an expression of the designers and engineers, but also of the buyer and owner. They are a means to get out and see the world up close and personal and give a sense of freedom.

I have bought many cars during my 23 years of driving, some private, but mostly through dealers.  This insight as enabled me to help out family, friends and colleges with their buying needs, saving them thousands of pounds in the process. As keen car shopper, my own car buying cycle starts again the second that I drive off in my latest purchase – so much so that my wife insists that I am only happy when I am shopping for a car!

With an accountancy qualification to my name, I also know one or two things about the costs of buying and running cars, as well as how the available finance options work. It was working in finance that I met Paul. One of us was always helping someone with a new car purchase and, after bouncing ideas off each other for the most suitable vehicle for each and many hours of discussing motoring, engineering in general, we joked that we should do it for a living.

This has led to MyCarFriend, your new car hero. We are here to help people like you to save money on what is usually the second most expensive purchase in a lifetime, by providing you with clear and concise information, based on your needs, with which you can make an informed decision.

We are fully independent and work for you, not anyone else, meaning that we will always do our best to save you as much as we can and make the process as straightforward and convenient as possible.

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