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TestimonialWhile we were looking for a car, Paul's advice was invaluable. Although I've bought a number of cars in the past, I struggle to keep up with the latest developments in that market. However, after a short discussion with Paul about my goals and budget, he was able to point me to a couple of areas that I should investigate in more detail. As I researched, it was very re-assuring to be able to get a second opinion on any deals I found and a couple of times Paul highlighted issues with deals I'd found that meant they were not a great fit for us. At the end of the process we got a great car at a great price.

I'd recommend Paul's services to anyone who wants to get the best deal for their car.

Tom and Sultan

This service was great! After struggling to make a decision on my own due to my little experience and confidence with cars, MyCarFriend was very approachable and knowledgable. Being a woman not knowing much about cars or finance, the different options were all made clear to me with honest and friendly advice. every query I had was clearly answered and I was made aware of things I had no idea about. Thank you. highly recommended!

Hollie O’Sullivan

When I started looking for my first car I have to admit I knew very little about the car trade and felt lost and overwhelmed. After visiting various car dealers and being frustrated with having pushy sales speeches thrown at me persistently I came across my car friend.

During the meeting I immediately felt comfortable that Paul and Richard were keen to act in my best interests and help me find a vehicle that suited my needs and budget. They took the time to explain things to me carefully and there knowledge was invaluable to my very limited experience. They actually located me a car of significantly better value than what I would have found independently thus saving me a lot of money, time and energy that I would've spent having to look independently. My car is the second biggest financial commitment I have next to my home and therefore it made complete sense to seek expert information and I am very pleased with the service I received!

Anna Jefferson

Sheila TestimonialTwo weeks ago I took possession of my brand new car. Thanks to Richard Townsend of MyCarFriend, I am now driving around in a car that is exciting to drive, very comfortable, as it fits me, and where performance is great. A choice I would definitely not have made without the independent and knowledgeable guidance from MyCarFriend and without a lot of time wasting on my part.

For the last 18 years I have selected the same make and model, just a different colour, as it was the easy option. Fair to say that I had become bored, but as I know next to nothing about cars, I dreaded shopping around and having to face ‘helpful’ sales people who would undoubtedly state a good case for their product as being the outstanding all-rounder. Having completed a comprehensive document which included needs, likes, usage, price and method of purchase, MyCarFriend very quickly completed searches in identifying cars that may suit.

Richard made appointments at dealerships, and as part of the service came along to test drive and worked as go-between. This meant I didn’t have any follow up calls from dealers, as the contact details given were solely MyCarFriend. On finding a car that fulfilled all that I wanted the process was incredibly simple. Completion of paperwork was done via email with MyCarFriend maintaining contact with the dealer to ensure delivery dates as promised and a smooth handover.

Customer service was excellent and without any hesitation I shall be using MyCarFriend for my next purchase in two years’ time, because without Richard I would not have made the savings nor made the exciting choice of car that I am now thoroughly enjoying.

Sheila Taylor

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