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How Much Does The Service Cost ?

MyCarFriends offers two separate services;

  • a one-to-one consultation to help you to decide which is the car that best suits your needs, and
  • a car sourcing service to find you the car of your choice at the best price that we can find.

The cost for each service is broken down below:


The charge for the consultation is a one off fee of £50.00 which is payable at the time of the consultation.

The consultation is a one to one discussion, which enables:

  • A common understanding of your needs and requirements for the car
  • An appreciation of any finance options that are available to you
  • The agreement of the budget for the car

This can be done face to face, via the telephone or via a web-conference. The information that is discussed during the consultation will then be used to identify and shortlist those vehicles that are best matched to your circumstances. The information on these vehicles will then be presented to you in order for you to make an informed decision about the car (or cars) that you would like to consider.

Finding the vehicle

If you so choose, MyCarFriend can source the car on your behalf..

The fees for finding the car of your choice are broken down below.

New Car – Bought Outright or Financed

MyCarFriend work on a ‘share of save’ basis, which is 20% of the value saved against the Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price. This means that the more money that MyCarFriend saves you, the more beneficial it is for us. There is a minimum fee of £200 for this service, e.g.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price*: £15,015
Dealer Price: £15,015
MyCarFriend Sourced Dealer Price: £12,207
MyCarFriend Fee (20% of saving from MRRP*): £562
Total to Pay: £12,769
Total Saving: £2,246

Fiesta Purchase Example

New Car – Leased

Where a lease agreement is made for a new vehicle, the one-off fee payable to MyCarFriend will be based on the monthly lease payment to be made. The breakdown of these fees is in the table below.

Monthly Lease PaymentLess than £200£201-£300£301-£400£401-£500£501 or more
One Time MyCarFriend Fee £200 £275 £350 £425 £500

Used Car

The fee for sourcing a used vehicle is based on the ‘share of save’ principle, with 20% of the amount saved from the forecourt price of the car being payable to MyCarFriend. This is subject to a minimum fee of £200.

Where a used car is being sought, MyCarFriend will provide a list of the best options that are available for each model chosen.

MyCarFriend will only provide the details of vehicles that are available with warranty and from reputable dealers, and always highly recommend a third party vehicle check by a company such as Dekra, the AA, the RAC etc.

Two Step Promise

MyCarFriend are so confident in our services that, if you choose for us to find your vehicle, we will refund your consultation cost from our final bill.

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